Vwii games freezing

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  1. bob808

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    Jul 8, 2009
    I have softmodded my wiiu using the guide on here and it works ok with Hbc and usbloader gx but a number of games freeze whilst playing.

    wii sports resort is the worst but I have also had some freezes on mario party. They seem to freeze between mini games - when menu options are picked or in sports resort after a game is selected and it wants me to press A to start but the remote is non responsive and I can't power off by holding the power button on the console - I can only restart by pulling the power lead.

    Have I missed a step or do I need to configure the loader differently? Anyone else get freezes on their vwii?
  2. demauk

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    May 21, 2009
    There are several threads about this just here in gbatemp. I have this problem too.

    There is a lot of talk of USB support in the installed cIOS, and getting enough power to the USB HDD. But the best solution I've seen is to use a different HDD. I suppose it's possible that certain external hard drives are just not well supported by the vWii, even if the real Wii can use them just fine.

    I'm curious if the way U-Stealth "hides" the HDD from WiiU (by changing the boot signature) could also be related. Have you used U-Stealth? I've been meaning to "unhide" my HDD and see if that does anything different.