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    hello everyone snakepliskin here with another question maybe you can help me with. I was wondering is there any way when converting video to ipod or any mp3 player is there a way to increase the volume on the movies like make them more hearing to if thats the word for it because i would like to be able to play em from a portaible speaker because when i am at work a very small gas station in town it gets boring waiting for customers and the boss said i can watch movies listen to music etc so can you help me out with this one i would really appreciate it .
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    Convert them with Sony Vegas. You can adjust the volume for each track
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    It's not bitrate, that's measured in decibels. You can often find converters (like SUPER and Any Video Converter) that have options to increase the volume.

    EDIT: And if it's an MP3 you can take it into Audacity and use Effect - Amplify.
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    Even though you're referring to volume, a bitrate tip:

    I recommend you use AAC @ 128kbps for stereo sound, 320kbps for 5.1 Surround. If you must use MP3, double those bitrates.
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    Turn the volume up on the speaker. You're welcome.
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    As pyromaniac123 said turn up the speakers or get some headphones. There are some relatively cheap speakers that will do quite well for just getting things heard (they will never win fans in the audiophile world but most people can ignore just about everything they say and have life not change a bit) and good headphones that do not cost a packet are not that hard to source either (get some over ear ones and things get better quickly).

    If you do want to up the volume and your audio hardware is indeed limited in what it can do (possible if you are still stuck with some of the earlier consumer grade video stuff which is to say most attempts apple made at early and some later video players) you then get to increase volume.
    The basic/suggested method is to look for an option somewhere that says "normalise" as this will increase the volume of the selected audio as far as it will go without clipping. Of course depending upon the source this may do little or nothing which leads to the proper audio mixing option or the cop out where you actually increase the volume either leading to clipping in places (usually explosions and similar events) or have it end up sounding like a modern audio CD (everything at the same volume and stuff getting lost in the mix).