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Mar 18, 2012

Video/Audio Not Working by Nathan Drake at 2:31 AM (419 Views / 0 Likes) 1 replies

  1. Nathan Drake

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    Jan 2, 2011
    I'm here trying to help my friend out with an odd problem. His 360 has suddenly decided that it really does not want to display any video, or play any audio. I'll start with what he has done:

    - He has checked all of the cords.
    - He tried it on standard and HD.
    - He did everything he reasonably could with no display.

    The 360 does power on fine, as far as one can assume without even any picture to say otherwise. It is a phat 360 (has the HDMI port, but he has no HDMI cable to try as a solution), about three years old, and has had no previous issues. It has never been opened up. It's totally legit. Now, potentially, something overheated. He did what you're never supposed to do, and placed his 360 on a rather closed off shelf where ventilation was pretty much a no go. Before assuming he fried or melted something over time though, I figured I would see if anybody here had a solution.

    The last time he played it was around Monday. His sister watched a movie on it today. He came home, and the problem was there.

    Any ideas before I just tell him to buy a new 360?
  2. Tom Bombadildo

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    Open it up, see if anything is damaged. See if he can use HDMI, if that works than it's a problem with the composite cable output. Else, the GPU or the area around the GPU is fried.

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