Hacking Vahalla Knights 2 Battle Stance Camera Plugin


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Sep 1, 2010
United States

Valhalla Knights 2 Battle Stance (USA) for Adrenaline on Vita

using the "camera_patch_lite_alt" plugin, and a hex editor i replaced: "ULUS-10366" (Valhalla Knights2) to, "NPUH-10041" (Valhalla Kinghts2 Battle Stance)

Full Camera Function on the Right Joystick! (open the official settings and null the right joystick, set to, "-" ,. to avoid a double input).

After you install Adrenaline on your vita


add a "game.txt" file with just this inside, "ms0:/seplugins/camera_patch_lite_alt.prx 1", no quotes
add the "camera_patch_lite_alt" in the same directory

https://github.com/bosshunter/camera-patch-lite-alt/releases (other games may work too?)
(currently on 3.60 firmware, downgraded with "modoru", and testing the, "oclockvitaminimal" with "the lost child" to see if it crashes after two hours, since, no reports of crashing on that exi$t, lolicon crashes that game and others)


Played "The Lost Child" for 3 plus hours with "oclockvitaminimal", NO CRASHES (took a break from playing), for overclocking, game would always crash around 2 or less hours on "lolicon", also started using 720p again, I changed to 480p for a small increase in speed since I did stop using overclocking for a while.
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