UStealth - Wii U 'Format Disk' Nag workaround :)

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    Mocha does not prevent the format message at all. i still get while using it. even with the Mochafat32 beta version.

    also it seems i cant access the usb drive from Nintendont, probably because i m using a fowarder to access nintendont from the wii u side and not a channel from vwii. so until i get a wiimote i cant even use a fat32 drive.

    i wouldn't mind the prompt if it allowed me to access the wii u game menu, but since i use a wii u formated hdd in addition to the fat32 usb drive i cant use the wii u at all while the two are plugged in.

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    is there a way to turn off the security mesure (preventing guiformat and boot sector edit) on windows 10
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    create a "etc" folder on your FAT32 partition, and the WiiU will consider that path as an officially formated WiiU format, not asking you to format it. But only if it's the only HDD plugged.
    I don't think you can have a WiiU formated one, and a FAT32 with etc folder.

    Like said many times, the "WiiU channels" are not compatible with USBs. only SD card are accessible.
    if you want USB, you'll have to launch nintendont from vWii. Or from WiiU forwarder to vWii forwarder. wiiU gamepad will not work, but gamecube controller will, or any other HID USB controllers. so, no need of a Wiimote.

    What I suggest :
    follow my guide to install nintendont forwarder on vWii, using fix94 wad manager you'll have gamepad support to install the wad.
    install the hbl2hbc channel on WiiU, and edit the config text to launch nintendont forwarder titleID instead of HBC titleID.
    launch the WiiU channel and play with a HID controller :)

    I don't know enough about win10. If launching as admin is not enough, I don't know what else is required.
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    Reviving the topic ...
    For those who use u-stealth for wiiu.
    I would like to know if it is compatible with wiiflow emulators.

    I did the u-stealth in my HD. The wii games, mega emulators, nes, snes, do NOT work more with wiiflow. It's as if the HD was formatted.
    Only nintendont games run with HD in "HIDDEN" mode.
    Any tips?
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    I've tried using uStealth to hide 2 hard drives in a 3 hard drive setup (WiiU, vWii, NGC) but I seem to have problems when loading the WiiU system menu.

    When 2 stealthed drives, and 1 unstealthed WiiU drive are connected, the system menu never loads and stays frozen on "Please wait..." while the USB icon in the corner spins forever.

    When using only 1 stealthed drive and 1 unstealthed WiiU drive, everything functions as normal. I've tried all possible combinations, with and without a powered USB hub, and the only scenario that causes problems is when 2 stealthed drives are plugged in.

    Can anyone help?
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    I answered you in the other thread, where I wrote the multi-HDDs guide.

    Sorry, I don't know.
    I know some emulators got updated to work with Ustealth'd drives, but I don't know if these updated emulators accept argument launching method to work with wiiflow's plugin feature.

    a solution would be to not Stealth your drive, and go directly to the vWii when you want to use it (keep B pressed at boot), to prevent the format message on WiiU menu, or answer "no" when asked to format the drive.

    Another, more dirty solution, is to use CBHC to boot Mocha beta FAT32 support.
    I don't know if it's enough to prevent the format message, or if you need to add "etc" folder on the root. but if you need to add that folder, that folder will be seen as "wiiu hdd" and you won't be able to plug another real WiiU HDD at the same time.
    if mocha beta is enough, then the "prevent format message" could be added to CBHC/Haxchi itself. but users won't be able to format a drive to use as official WiiU HDD anymore.
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    Any VbaGX compatible with usteatlh?
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    In a way this works too well. I have only my trusty old 500gb fat32 formatted wii drive attached to the wii u. It works and I get the annoying format nag in the Wii U menu. The harddisk works in some loaders in the wii menu and everything is cool. I want to get rid of the nag message and try the ustealth tool. I no longer received the nag in wiiu menu, but no apps in vwii recognizes it either? What am I doing wrong?
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    you need to add ustealth support to the homebrew in question. several apps, such as usb loader gx, cfg usb loader, and wiixplorer, have ustealth versions, but you can add support to any app.
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    But only if you have access to the source code and know what to change