Using Action Replay cheats in a romhack (Flawless Platinum)

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    Aug 18, 2016
    Hi, I am trying to use Action Replay cheats for Flawless Platinum. I have the usrcheat.bat downloaded and put in my _dstwo folder, however the cheats are not coming up when I open the cheat list. According to my research, this is because a romhack has a different game id/checksum as the original version of the game that the codes are for. My question is, how do I change the game id/checksum or how do I edit the usrcheat.bat to use the correct game id/checksum.

    Using a SUperCard TWO PLUS btw.
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    Jun 17, 2010
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    This job requires PC to work first! Use R4CCE for opening and editing USRCHEAT.DAT file. Download it here!


    To change the Game ID, click the original game - Pokemon Platinum (either USA or Europe or Japan).
    Next, click the "..." button at right side of Game ID, just left of "Dup?" button.
    Then, select the romhack version "Flawless Platinum" and click OK. The game Id will changed aftermath.
    Save the USRCHEAT.DAT and put into your _dstwo folder.
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