Hacking use usb device = system freeze


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Nov 21, 2010
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I purchased my Wii on Monday from GameStop. It is a pre-owned console if that makes any difference. It (was) a 3.1u system which I modified to 4.1u using ModMii 4.3.5 with all the correct settings. Everything worked flawlessly. I was able to use homebrew, run the usb loader gx and format my Maxtor One Touch 4 Mini 160GB (it's on the list and like I said, it was working) using the loader. I threw a few ISO's on using Wii Backup Manager and everything was good. Played New Super Mario Adventures, everything was fine (after NTSC tweaking). Turned off the Wii for a few minutes and came back.... The Wii would no longer boot with the USB HDD plugged in. If I waited until I reached the SM to plug it in and then tried to run the HBC, it was freeze at ta black screen, power button reboot needed. Tried it again, waiting until I got the slow device warning from gx and then plugged it in, the drive activity/power light came on and was flickering like "normal", but the Wii was frozen at the same screen and needed to be reset using the power/5sec.

I have been trying all kinds of methods and configurations and for the life of me I can't figure this out. I have syscheck logs that I will post shortly (Wii in the other room) but I do not see anything wrong. I did apply DARKCORP 1.1 Full but that was after it was no longer working, so I could run backups from DVD-R's (you'll notice TB in every ios).

Please help me, this is driving me nuts!!!!

EDIT: I forgot to say that I have tried about 6 different devices on the list with a few different partition set ups and I am having the same exact results no matter what.

EDIT 2: I have also tried every loader I can find, using different cIOS's to load them, again they all end with the same exact results. I'm starting to think it's a hardware issue with the USB port or something.

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