USB Loader GX - odd classic controller problem

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    Hi all. Long time lurker, first post. :) Desperate for help, it's driving me insane!

    Having a very strange issue with USB Loader GX. It doesn't occur with any other app or game I have installed. Just solely when navigating the GUI for USB Loader with a Wii Classic Controller. I'm on the latest edition 12.72.

    Basically, the pointer seems to perform oddly. When simply trying to browse my catalogue it snaps out of my control. Typically this happens most when going from left to right. If I push the analogue gently it is *mostly* fine (though it still happens) but when pushing from gently to full tilt it snaps back to the opposite side. I made a video of the problem.


    I hope it helps you understand the issue. All I'm attempting to do is sweep from left to right, but you can hopefully see the pointer having none of it. A SysCheck is also attached below. Please also be sure I am careful to be pointing the Wii remote away from the TV. I am aware this can cause pointer hiccups. Also please note I am using a WD 1TB external hard drive that has been fine so far and passes filesystem checks.

    I should add I am using all official equipment. I have 2 Wii remotes and 3 classic controllers. Switching these out, changing batteries, it makes no difference. In fact I have also tried:
    • New SD cards (several of), fresh installs of different versions of USB Loader.
    • Different sensor bar - daughter has her Wii with an official bar in her room. "Borrowed" it heh.
    • Sensor bar in different locations.
    • Blinds closed, blinds open. Various light adjustments.
    • Sitting closer, changing my seat location.
    • Different Wii remotes and classic controllers - all official gear, no knockoffs.
    • New component cable. Admittedly I do not have the official cable here, but they've been fine for a long while.
    • Checked settings in USB Loader in case I missed something.
    • Re-calibrated remote sensitivity in Wii console settings.
    • TV picture settings in case you never know.
    • Sitting at different distances etc.
    So far nothing is making difference to this issue.

    Once in-game things seem OK, though I have had one or two camera hiccups on say, Mario Sunshine, they have been so rare that I just put it down to the light generally. This is more consistent.

    It's odd because it had all been fine until recently. I haven't made any changes other than trying out the 12.72 480p fix. It didn't make any difference to me, but I've tried several versions of USB Loader since. Anyway sorry for long first post. Trying to be comprehensive! Many thanks all.

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    Nov 8, 2018
    Hello. :)

    Did your Wii remote has an Motion Plus attached too or inside ? Did you tried it with an Wii Remote without this ?
    Is your Wii fitted with Gamecube Controller Ports and can you try it maybe with an Gamecube Controller ?

    Please try also changing the Pointer speed in the USBLoaderGX - GUI settings menu

    Thank you.:)

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    Sorry,I missed your sysCheck,,excuse me,this is my fault.:(


    It is recommende to update
    - the Points 13 - 15

    IOS236 - Important !!
    This IOS is needed to install other IOSes.It is a hacked version of Nintendo's IOS36 that allows you to install other IOSes.

    IOS36 - Many Games and Homebrew based on it.

    - the cIOSes frorm Point 16 to 21
    These are for the Games Compatibility and USB (Equipment) Access needed ones.

    If you do not have an .wad Installer then you also need point 10.

    Are you familiar with ModMii and updating cIOSes ?

    Good luck.:)
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    Mar 5, 2017
    Your controller is original or Third party (China)? I had the same problem with a classic controller pro alternative.
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    Aug 8, 2019
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    It's all in the original post my friend. I've tried to be as clear as possible. :-)

    My Wii remotes are the bog-standard original official remotes with no Motion Plus built-in or attached. I do have some Motion Plus adapters but haven't used them in ages.

    I haven't tried a Gamecube controller but that is a great idea. I do have an original official GC controller in the house. I'll give it a go. Thanks!

    As for the updating IOS etc. Woah there tiger! This is new to me! Would love to give this a go if there is a simple guide around. I followed a very easy guide to get me this far, and would appreciate if you could point me in the direction of one. I looked at your link but it is quite confusing. Is there a simple way to update what I need to be updating? Many thanks all for your replies so far!
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    Nov 8, 2018
    Thank you.

    Please try the Gamecube Controller and let us know of your Result please.
    Thank you.

    Updating your Wii using ModMii is not so tough as it seems.:)

    After careful reading through this Guide please get the PC Tool ModMii from here:
    (The English Version I suspect. :D )

    Install it with Administrator rights on Windows (works with Windows 7 and 10 all versions).

    Then you have two shortcuts (I only use the "classic" non Skin Version).
    Drag and Drop YOUR sysCheck.csv (please rename yours simply from sysCheck.txt to sysCheck.csv) on that shortcut and the ModMii update Wizard with the suggested Updates opens.

    You can download ALL recommended IOSes/cIOSes/Apps or use the Advise from above post.
    You also get an Manual/Readme Guide downloaded which opens a new Browser Window during the Download.
    Please read it through in peace.

    The MULTI MOD MANAGER is the Application on your Wii with that you can install the IOSes/cIOSes which are WAD files.
    The IOS236 Installer is also an Application which do the Job for you (as it says - Install IOS236)
    For the Simple IOS Patcher the same.

    I do not know how you Softmod your Wii but it seems that you have the PRIILOADER installed.
    This is a simple Brick Protection and a Life Saver for you and your Wii if something goes "wrong".
    If you Power ON your Wii by pressing and holding simultaneously the RESET Button you can access the Application.

    The downloaded
    IOS36 and
    cIOSes from Point 16-21 has to be installed with the MULTI MOD MANAGER.

    Thats the Theory.:D

    Please take your time, read everything in peace and quiet and do nothing in haste and hurry.
    If you NOT SURE please ask here,there are many Users with Knowledge and helpful.

    Good Luck.:)
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    Aug 8, 2019
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    I've tried the Gamecube controller and can confirm the issue does not manifest when using this controller. I notice the default pointer speed is different to the pointer speed for the Classic Controller when switching between them. Not sure why that would be. I have also tried changing the pointer speed in the USB Loader menu but this has had no effect on the issue when using the Classic Controller. It's just either faster or slower, depending on the settings I input.

    I do have Priiloader installed as well as MMM, as the guide I used recommended it. I'll try the ModMii tool and install the missing files as you say, and post back. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks again. :-)
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    if you use analog stick to move the pointer, it's a known bug.
    no need to change the IOS setup, or do anything to your console, it's due to how the values are calculated in the controller and how the loader use them.

    you can use dpad to move the pointer to next element or change games, etc.
    if you need the stick, don't push it too fast/hard, it'll send overflow values and go reverse (negative). Maybe adding a limit checking in the sources could help.

    use wiimote/nunchuk whenever possible.
    gamecube should work good
    classic controller (pro) has the bug
    WiiU gamepad is even worse (it has way more range than other controllers)
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    Aug 8, 2019
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    Well now that's a different matter. Thanks for responding, and sorry for late reply.

    I guess your response now covers it. There's nothing really wrong with my system as it stands, and it's just a bug. Well I'm happy to know that! I'm just amazed I hadn't noticed it before now, as I use the CC all the time for pretty much everything on my Wii. I'll just switch to using the Wii remote pointer to navigate, or perhaps just be less heavy-handed on the CC's analogue!

    Thanks again. :)
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