USB Loader GX: I only see "Install WAD to EmuNand," I have no "EmuNand WAD Manager"

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    I've been driving myself crazy all day with this. I'm not sure what I did/didn't do, but when I go to Settings>Features, the "EmuNand WAD Manager" option isn't there. I want to install multiple WADs that are in a folder at the same time. I've double-checked that I'm using the most recent version of USB Loader GX.

    Is there some setting/factor that is required to be set in order to use EmuNand WAD Manager and therefore install/uninstall several WADs at the same time?

    Edit: I set up Priiloader to boot straight to USB Loader GX. I've been thinking that it stills has to read USB Loader GX from the /apps/ folder, but now I'm realizing that maybe it works by installing it to the NAND? Hence why it's called "Installed File" in Priiloader. I'm only seeing the "EmuNand WAD Manager" option when I go to the Homebrew Channel and pick USB Loader GX from there, which would be the up-to-date version I have on the SD card.

    Edit 2: Yep. Problems always get solved the second I make a thread.
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    You didn't have the correct option because you launched an outdated version of the loader.
    Also, launching from priiloader can create problems and missing features (such as AHB access if you use IOS58 instead of cIOS).

    If you want to auto-boot USBKLoaderGX from priiloader, you must not install the loader's dol in it.
    if you do, then you'll have a fixed (never updated, and outdated) version of the loader launched at console boot, instead of the proper version from SD Card.

    The proper way to boot from priiloader is :

    priiloader using IOS80 -> channel booter -> forwarder channel using IOS58 + AHB -> boot.dol on SD.

    install the channel booter in priiloader
    install the forwarder channel on your NAND with a wad manager

    if you do this :
    priiloader using IOS80 -> boot.dol, you'll miss AHB access as priiloader is not providing it to the launched dol. if you use cIOS 249 it's provided by 249, but if you use IOS58 in the loader's setting you'll miss some features like banner layout and nintendont.
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    IIRC USB Loader GX won't even load without AHBPROT access. I recall it not loading when I was using an outdated version of the forwarder channel with a newer version of the dol, it got stuck on the logo.
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    it's possible I messed the boot sequence, I'm still trying different things and init order to make it boot faster and prevent hdd detection issue.
    I'll need to make proper and full tests until I get everything done properly.