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    Apr 11, 2014
    Hi everyone. I have a slight problem regarding USB Loader GX for the vWii.

    So what happened was that I plugged my HDD in the wrong USB Port and started up USB Loader GX. USB Loader GX did a 20 Second Countdown to search/load the HDD or hit B for Cancel. I hit B for cancel and the USB Loader GX tells me that it was not able to find the HDD and that it will load up the Wii Channel List instead... So now the USB Loader GX shows the Wii Channel List as if it was showing them like games. (The Wii Channel List works perfectly fine from the USB Loader GX which is pretty cool)

    I plugged my HDD in the correct USB Port and now when I start up USB Loader GX, it shows my Back Up Games with the Wii Channel List...

    Anyways I do not want the Wii Channel List to be in the USB Loader GX at all. Can someone please help me remove the Wii Channels that are displaying in USB Loader GX? I cant seem to find the answer.
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    4th icon in the top menu.

    (you should really check what options are available, and what all the buttons and menus are doing ...take the time to explore all menus and see what's possible to do with the loader. just click on them to see what happen, some of them even have tooltips when hovering the cursor over them)