USB Drive shows up as Gamepad

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    Oct 6, 2015
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    So I got a USB and some time later I thought I broke it, I was able to revive a USB flash drive so I decided i'd try to revive this one. Now at one point I tried to install a PS3 controller on my pc with no success, anyways the USB didn't show up on device manager or disk management. But the light was flashing and I heard the sound playing. I googled it and saw someone checked devices and printers on control, I decided to go to it, looked at it then unpluged. I saw it change, I payed attention to what dissipated and saw "ps3 Gamepad"... The USB is showed as a PS3 controller! I tried uninstalling it when i found it in device manager (now that i knew it was a game controller) and plugging it in doesn't help. I'm thinking maybe delete the driver for ps3 controller seeing as i don't need it anyways but I don't know how to do so. Can you guy's help me with this?