Question Updating SysNAND vs Updating EmuNAND

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    I've got a sysnand and emunand on 8.1.0, the goal is to update my clean sysnand in order to play physical carts online.
    I've some concerns, I've been trying not to burn efuses, but I hear firmware 9.0 updates the cart reader so I'll only be able to use the physical carts on >9.0. That doesn't seem too bad since my desire is to keep the sysnand up to date and online. I would like to maintain the fuse count if possible (or shouldn't I?). I have autoRCM currently. So the questions:
    • Will choidujour stick to it's lane? If run under emunand it should only update emunand right?
    • Will running choidujour to update firmware on sysnand be enough to get it banned for homebrew?
    • If I run the standard sysupdate, after it reboots autoRCM is gone and I understand the fuses are burned the first time it boots straight stock with RCM, my odds of catching the boot with a jig are about 0%
    Anyone that's dealt with this what do you do for this setup?

    I'd also like to know what the easiest path forward is for future updates, assuming none of them impact emunand and the current state of affairs. When 9.2.0 or whatever comes out I'd like to be able to update without having to deliberate so much on this. I'm thinking a stock update and just let the fuses burn, opinions?
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    Yes, ChoidujourNX will only update the system you’re booted to.

    Since using homebrew on sysNAND might actually get you banned. So I would rather just update normally with the jig plugged in already. The moment the Switch reboots, just press Volume Up. From what I read, your chances aren’t that bad after all!
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    Yes. That's how I update my emuNAND btw. Working great.
    I wouldn't risk it tbh.
    If you really don't care about the cartridge driver, do the standard sysupdate. As soon as it starts, put the Jig in and keep pressing and holding VOL+ a few seconds before it's finished to be absolutely sure.
    After your Switch has turned off (pretending to restart) you might already be in RCM but to be completely sure, press the POWER button again for 1 second (still while holding VOL+ and having the Jig in place).
    You will end up in RCM for sure where you can enable AutoRCM with hekate again.
    Did this many times without problems.

    As a side note: I don't know if the cartridge driver is also updated only on booting the stock bootloader (like it's happening with the fuses).
    You can find out by trying a cartridge on your sysNAND when you're at 9.x. If it doesn't work, remove the autogc line from your hekate_ipl.ini and restart.
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