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    I want to update the official firmware (if necessary) , luma3ds, and whatever this A9LH, B9S is.
    I tried selecting the luma3ds icon on the homepage but the app crashes.
    The Homebrew app also shows text on bottom screen (failed downloading the payload) and closes.

    I modded my N3DS using the 3ds.hacks.guide a while back
    I'm on Luma3DS v6.6
    OFW: 11.5.0-38U
    I have GodMode9 1.0.0 installed
    I have Hourglass9 1.40
    and thats all i know for real.

    I know there's plenty of tutorials and threads out there, and i apologize for making another one on this subject but I do not wanna screw anything up and delete anything from my sd card. Its been a while since I played with my N3DS. Thank you for the help.
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    1. If you have the ability to back up your game saves with a save manager like JKSM, do so now.
    2. Also dump your currently installed games into CIAs if you don't have those either.
    3. Lastly, also back up your current SysNAND image. Dunno which of d0k3's other previous works does this. Decrypt9WIP, perhaps?
    4. [3ds.hacks.guide] A9LH to B9S
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