Unable to Connect to Homepass Network in Sleep Mode

Discussion in '3DS - Nintendo Network' started by Parshias, Dec 24, 2014.

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    Dec 24, 2014
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    I used to have a lot of success using Homepass, but I haven't used it in months, and was recently trying to get back into it. The method I had success with in the past was the method involving the Virtual Router Manager, but I can't get this method to work anymore. I have also tried Chaldron's method for setting up the network, and that doesn't work for me either.

    Both methods end up the same way: I set up the "attwifi" network, and make sure that it is the only connection my 3DS is able to connect to. When my 3DS is open, I can see the connection just fine, I get a good signal, and I can see that there is a connection on the "attwifi" network through either the cmd window or the Virtual Router Manager. Problem is, once I put my system into sleep mode to StreetPass, the connection is lost. This never happened to me in the past.

    Has anyone experienced something similar? Any tips on how to fix this?
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    Try changing the SSID to NZ@McD1.
    Strangely, I'm nit getting any passes with that ssid and it wused to work. Try it for yourself, though.
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    Nov 21, 2014
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    Yes, NZ@McD1 should be used now. I haven't been getting many hits latley either but I believe it's the holidays and work that draw people away. I'm ususally getting a lot more hits in the early morning or afternoon right after work - I'm EST.