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    Dec 20, 2009
    Does anybody know how to install this program? Only I get as far as selecting the IOS and then it keeps giving me a message that's something like 'Reloading IOS249'. It seems to be the same regardless of which IOS I pick. All I have extra attached to the Wii is my SD card, so there's no disruption from peripherals, and I'm using the latest Homebrew Channel, so it shouldn't be that either... The Homebrew Channel is all I have installed at the moment, so maybe I'm missing something?
  2. Tazer_Silverscar

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    Dec 20, 2009
    Ok, I've found out what went wrong with the cIOS installer and sorted that, but now I have a new problem. While trying to run the Hermes ULoader, I've found it just blacks out. No start screen or anything. It just goes black. Anybody know how to sort that? I'd watch the uLoader installer guides to try see if I could get a solution off those, but they all seem to be in Spanish, appart from one which is outdated. Also, I'm well aware now that IOS249 is the IOS typically linked with Piracy (whereas I'm just wanting to use uLoader to play my backups, which is perfectly legal), so I'm using 224 instead.
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    I think it's normal to use 222/223/224 with uLoader as Hermes developed it to work specifically with these cIOS.

    Be sure to install the correct cIOS version for the uLoader version you are using.
    You need either cIOS v4 or v5.1
    best choice is to verify that you are using the latest version of both Hermes' cIOS and uLoader.

    Are you launching from SD, SDHC or USB?
    do you have a USB with FAT32 or WBFS partition?

    I never tried uLoader so I can't help a lot.
    Following outdated guide is always a bad solution.

    Can you link to the guide you followed?
    I'll check what's explained.
    But, like you said, uLoader is outdated (not only the guide you used).

    On a side note:
    249 has nothing to do with piracy.
    Hermes IOS can also be used to pirate games, so your argument has no sense.
    Piracy is what the user do with it.

    So, you can use any USBloader you want, they are all legally playing your own backups (with any cIOS slot, not only 249).
    Do you really want uLoader, or any loader will be fine? because other loaders would certainly have a better game compatibility.