UK PM to announce general elections on May 6th!

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Vidboy10, Apr 5, 2010.

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    Finally !

    All I've got to say is bye bye Brown and hello Cameron [​IMG]
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    The real funny thing is that the election is like being asked to be shot or stabbed. I honestly have no faith in the major political parties.
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    It's going to be an interesting election. New Labour are hated by pretty much everyone. Tony Blair left them with a huge mess and Brown didn't do alot to clean it up. Even though they're completely hated and the country is screaming out against alot of their policies they just seem to be carrying on with business as usual. Even the policies revealed so far address very little of the issues that are on peoples minds.

    I've never been a fan of the Tories but in all honesty I see very little difference between New Labour and Conservative. Their policies differ slightly obviously but not to the extent that the old Labour/Tory divide use to be. At least they have addressed a few of the issues of the day. This will definitely go in their favour. Lab/Con basically both serve the corporate masters though.

    The mood of the country definitely isn't right for the softly softly approach of alot of LibDem policies. UKIP are a one policy party and most of their politicians seem like complete tossers. The English Democrats might steal a few seats. Although to me they seem to be the BNP with less racism. Having dealt with a couple of their politicians I'm really not a fan. The Greens might actually do quite well. There's alot of talk of people casting a "protest" vote this year and that protest vote is split between the Greens and the BNP. Hopefully there'll be more Green than BNP.

    The thing that's going to make this election interesting is the fact that the BNP might actually get a few seats. They're not running enough seats for an easy victory, but if the votes are split enough between all the various parties they could scrape through. It's a pretty shameful state of affairs in my opinion. The fact that people are even thinking that they're a legitimate choice for the future of the country is shocking. Ten years ago they were universally hated, now I hear regular people saying they're thinking of casting a vote for them. That's really the example of how bad Labour have run the country into the ground, regular people are thinking of voting Fascists in simply because they feel they have no other choice. [​IMG]
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    My policy of no voting remains the same as it has always been (not to mention a few technicalities surrounding my ability to engage in such things). The few politicians I have met have been unable to engage in the simplest of debates (this despite being lawyers of various forms and not the court averse kind) and while I hate to generalise the fact that I could draw such a conclusion as quickly as I did and that they had not been called on it surely speaks volumes.

    The only things I am curious about is the level of dirty tricks, quick votewinners and level of BS that will be played and how hard they will try to come down on those who will engage in voteswapping (various seats are "sure fire" so people call those in less certain seats to swap votes in an effort to change the overall outcome usually to the end of preventing a given party coming to power). I must admit I do find the idea of using seats rather than percentage on a national scale to be very odd (local seats sits fine with me) so I see no moral problems with such a thing.
    I suppose to end I will echo TrolleyDave's sentiments with something along the lines of a quote in "politicians do not relate to the people- they relate to other politicians" and all that I have seen seem to favour policy by tabloid rather than policy by science/rational thought (see any number of examples in drug, IP law, identity, high end policing, low end policing).