ugh my brother pisses me off

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    Feb 12, 2010
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    We got a weekend pass to go to comic con me and my 2 brothers are splitting it. One of my brothers wants to go Saturday, that's fine. Today its under way 20 minutes late now I'm so damn pissed. I asked my brother last night "James are you going to comic con tomorrow if not then I will go" he says oh I don't know I got to wait and see if my friend is going so I can go with him.

    Pisses me the **** off cause right now I could be there having a blast, but I got to wait for this idiot to wake up just to find out that his dumbass friend probably isn't even going and I will be a few hours late to comic con.
  2. Paarish

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    wake his lazy ass up!
  3. Phoenix Goddess

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    Open the blinds on him. Always works o me, it'd be too bright to go back to sleep and even if I get up and close them, I would have already gotten a headache.
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    Oh no! Not comic-con!