1. Evil ZeR0

    OP Evil ZeR0 Newbie

    Aug 7, 2007
    Details: AU wii using wiikey cant remember which bios which ever one was needed at the time of ssbb release in the usa.

    Frst question: i already have the us trucha signed dvd9 version of the game but ive been told that nintendo can fix the loophole that trucha signer uses to sign them so the game may stop working so if i get the dvd 9 pal version is there any modification that need to be done to the iso so that it will run on my wii??

    Second question:whats the diffrence between the dvd 5 and the dvd9 versions is there things missing such and movies and stuff or is it just junk filler space because i dont mind buying dual layer black discs to burn on.
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