Twitch Prime Promo for Nintendo Switch Online Individual membership begins

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    Nintendo And Twitch Prime partnered for a Promo, If you link your Nintendo Account to your Twitch account you can get 3 months of NSO membership, and if you continue your Twitch Prime membership for 60 days afterwards, you'll get an email for an additional 9 months.
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    I claimed the first 3 months of NSO service thru Twitch Prime, however I did NOT activate it. I want to wait until Super Mario Maker 2 comes out to activate the 3 month NSO service. So my question is, does the timer start ticking so that 60 days from now I can claim the remaining 9 months, or does NSO actually have to be both claimed AND activated? As far as I can tell, it just needs to be claimed.

    By the time Super Mario Maker 2 comes out, 60 days of being a Twitch Prime member would have passed, so I think I can "activate" both the 3 and 9 months of NSO service at the same time at this point, as they stack. Can anyone confirm if this is correct?