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Discussion in 'PSP - Games & Content' started by kristianity77, Jan 27, 2015.

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    So I was playing this game yesterday and I was convinced that the version of Pop N Twinbee contained in this was running under SNES emulation as it even contained tiny bugs that were present in the SNES cart I owned many years back. Everything was absolutely identical. Lo and behold I then find this on youtube:

    Someone injects a SNES rom into this game and it works (albeit a touch glitchy)

    The emulator plays this game PERFECTLY, at full speed, full sound, even at 222mhz. Every SNES emu I've come across for PSP runs only a small amount of games at full speed with zero frameskip at the best of times.

    I've done a few google searches and come up with nothing about this. But it does seem that the emulator in this PSP game, has a much sounder footing than any released so far on the PSP.

    Five years too late perhaps, but still!
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    Try Snes9x PSP, or its continuation as Euphoria.

    Snes9X worked fine for me on my 2000 PSP, when configured to use up more processing power (up to 333MHz) and the appropriate mode out of the five available chosen.
    It even runs games requiring special chips - but sadly no Yoshi Island or Star Fox, and hi-res text looks ugly/unreadable, and slowdown with some Mode 7 sequences (but you need to use Frameskip=Auto to fix that anyways)
    Euphoria fixed some of this.

    This Konami-made emulator requires the ROM be surgically cut to 4 different files, doesn't support other sizes than Pop'n Twinbee, and here it has very noticeable graphical glitches and non-working controls. Other games don't even boot. It's tailor-made to Pop'n Twinbee, and just that. I guess the PSP Gradius collection had something similar.
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    Hudson's Turbografx-16/PC Engine official emulator can be utilized too. and it is much more versatile.
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    My only real beef for the Snes9x PSP port is the lackluster DSP code implemented; the fact it's based off of Snes9x 1.43 instead of the much superior 1.53, the sound is absolute garbage and doesn't use any of Blargg's S-SMP emulator core, which is cycle-accurate compared to the real thing. If this or any Snes emulator on the PSP can ever achieve cycle-accurate DSP emulation, that would certainly get my attention :P
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