[Tutorial] How to obtain the Layton World event items in Layton's Mystery Journey

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Jan 26, 2014
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Greetings, I don't know if you know it, but there was an event at the end of 2017 where you could get 9 exclusive items on the Layton World page by doing puzzles, sharing them and so on.

Those objects were obtained by redeeming them in extras, but they worked just like the secret doors of the previous Layton games, with an exclusive code for each 3DS, and as far as I remember, you had to put the code that your 3DS gave to you on the website and the website gave you an exclusive code to unlock that object on your 3DS.

The list of items is as follows:
Kat's pyjamas
Ancient civilization walls
Ancient civilization flooring
Ancient civilization curtains
Ancient civilization rug
Ancient civilization table
Ancient civilization chair
Ancient civilization sofa
Ancient civilization cushions

The page closed at the end of 2017, when the event ended they also released an update that gives you the Christmas costume and blocked you the option to insert the codes.

If we delete the update, the game is not damaged or anything, and you can access to insert codes again, although the Christmas suit disappears if you do that.

All of this does not really matter, since decrypting how the codes worked would be very difficult and right now there is no website to see how they were decrypted, even so, I have found a different way that works perfectly and allows to keep well the above mentioned list.

By the way I will warn that no, the dlc gifts that were given as Hershel's cushion or Flora's suit are not kept, those are linked to the console and are downloaded separately, the ones in the list are in the game and you don't have to download anything.

The way to get the items is using a save that has them, thanks to @IngeniousDefault I got them and I have passed them to my save, which will be the one that I will leave here for you to pass to yours.

The guide starts here:

The save is composed by two parts, the header (head.lmj) and the save slots (game0.lmj, game1.lmj and game2.lmj).

The event objects are saved in the header, but if you use my header with your save slots, the data will be damaged, to make it work correctly you have to do the following (to do this, you need a game manager, in 3DS I recommend JKSV, but I recommend to do this in Citra for convenience and speed when moving the save files, even so, everything can be done without problems in 3DS):
-First, make sure you have three save slots used (that is, that you have all 3 save files occupied). If this is not the case, just enter a game and save in the other save slots. Important! You are going to lose the first save space, as it is probably the one that matters the most to you, open that save and save the game in the second or third save point.
-Then, when extracting your save you will see 4 files, so take only the head.lmj and the game0.lmj from my save and put them in place of yours. Here you insert again the save.
-When you put it you will see that all the files are called Feroz, however now if you open the second and third save space, you will see that your saves are still there when you enter them. So you must enter on the last two and save game in the selected save space, and if you save over the first save space it becomes yours, with your name.
-And that's it. With this you will have your two save slots as before and the 9 promotional items in them. In exchange you will lose one save space temporarily, but once this is done, you can do whatever you want.

And with that, the save would be completely yours, with your games and with the event items unlocked, I leave here my save game so you can do it:


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