[Tutorial] How to create cia from 3ds game mod

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    I'm going to post this here because it's going to get lost in the other thread.

    This works with 4.x sysNAND. It is possible to use 9.x with this tool, but I don't know how it operates.

    1. Download and extract this tool
    2. Copy rom into the for_sd folder and run this in cmd:
    "python ctrKeyGen.py rom.3ds"
    3. This will create a new file named ncchinfo.bin. Copy this, the Launcher.dat, and the slot0x25KeyX.bin file to the big sdcard.
    4. Start the DS Profile exploit ( assuming you already have it installed ) This will create the xorpads
    5. After its done, turn 3ds off and remove the big sdcard and copy the .xorpad files into the root folder of the downloaded tool. ( with the .bat file )
    6. with the rom in the same directory as the xorpads, drag the rom file into the .bat file to start the program.
    7. Hit these three numbers: 7,8,9. Then hit the s key to start.
    8. After it successfully extracts the romfs, it will give you the opportunity to modify the files. This is when you manually install the mods and banner if you wish.
    9. Rebuild the romfs.bin and replace the old one.
    10. Continue with the tool, it will create a .rsf file and open it in Notepad++. All you have to do is make sure it doesn't have any weird looking characters and close it.
    11. It will ask you if the rsf is correct, hit yes if it looked ok, otherwise hit no.
    12. Continue and it will generate a installable cia file for you
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