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    Yes, this is another one of Lighty Kid's serious thread but I could really use the advice of US and Canadian residents with experience in moving around. I'm planing on making a big move. where I'm at just isn't cutting it for me anymore. Ive heard the old adage about the grass not always being greener or how you cant run away from problems but for me it's not about running away it's about finding happiness and after so many failures, I cant bare the unhappiness that has come with my move to this place. Here's the question and it goes out to all US and Canadian citizens. Does anybody have any ideas on a good city go to as a new starting point? I know that certain types of people prefer different settings but I want to hear suggestions.
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    Mar 26, 2009
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    move to the beach.

    -Luigi Mario
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    Dec 4, 2008
    Hi.. I'm not a US or Canada citizen.. I'm just more one brazilian.. and I never goes to US or Canada in my 24 years of life.
    But, about persuitness os happy I realy undestand, like a good portuguese reader, evebody knows that portuguese and brasilian literatury is the most feeling about of the wideworld and there some leasons to realy learn, first, hapiness is about how you feel about yourself, do not put the blame in other people or job or any else. Second, if you do not undestand and live the first law you will never find happiness, nomatter where you go! So if you realy want to move, just move, but don't go thinking that move will do your life happier, 'cause 'll not. Normaly people that wanna move is just run off some problem that can not solve easy.. but with some hard work every problem can be solved, all you need is good health!
    Here in Brasil we live without big oportunities, and the cost of life is much more expensive than in US or Canada, but we live with less material and more family suport, that is what realy matter I think.. so good luck. ( sorry my poor english, I learned to read and write by my self, and in Brasil "not Brazil like you write.. =P" we do not speake english in everywhere, so forgive me)