Trying to find pokemon emerald Shiny code tht affects Rebattle codes in gameshark.

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    Feb 24, 2016
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    i am trying to find a shiny pokemon code that makes any pokemon (including Birth isle's deoxys & Faraway isle's mew) into shiny permanently.Note:i have tried searching Everywhere but sadly only VBA,GBA AR, or Gameshark codes of the damn wrong digit amount keeps popping up..I am using a PHYSICAL POKEMON EMERALD AND PHYSICAL GAMESHARK SP(looks kinda like a big black/white key when not in use and looks like a grip on a gba/gbaSP when in use. it's codes have 12 digits in each row.) I am just trying to put a shiny deoxys and a shiny mew back in my XD&Colosseum. managed to do it once with ruby sapphire,emerald,firered and leafgreen but sadly i can't remember how i did it... it was so long ago.if anyone knows the shiny wild pkmn code tht works in the pokemon emerald cheats hub of gameshark, let me know please. if the Mad Catz cheat codes pages for this gs didn't go down then i wouldn't need to ask.