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    okay I've been trying to figure this out for a while. I have this pretty outdated flashcart r4 ultra and i was wondering would i be able to do the firmware update they have on their site ( on my r4 ultra. it says the fw update is only for their other flashcart (r4i) but they also say that akaio is only for the r4i but it still works on my r4 ultra. Do you think they are only saying this so they can try to make you buy two different cards or do you think there are actual hardware differences that would screw up my r4 ultra if i tried to do a fw update. Also if i tried to do a firmware update and it wasn't compatible would it brick my card.

    Edit: i forgot to mention the firmware update was the flashing update the one on the acekard 2i

    Edit Edit: its about 2 minutes into this video

    Edit Edit Edit: is their anyway to check the type of chip that is in my flashcart i don't care if i have to open it or take my sticker off