ROM Hack Translate Any GBA Chinease CHT file to English!!


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Oct 31, 2009
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Ok. As you might know the ENTIRE list of GBA CHT code files are in Chinese and the Translation of the list is slow. So I've been looking into a way to translate it myself. However my ability to read Chinese is somewhat non-existent. There for I decided to see if I could somehow use Google Translate and low and behold I found a way.

1. Download the corresponding CHT file(In the Original Chinese) for your Game(ex.1986=Pokemon Emerald)
2. Rename the CHT file and give it the ".txt" file extension.
3. Go to Google Translate and above the text field you'll see a link saying "upload a document".
4. Click the link and in the File field that appears browse to the CHT file that now has a ".txt" extension and select it.
5. Change the "Translate From" box to Chinese and click "Translate".
6. The page will reload and you should get a new page with the Text from the CHT file Translated(Note: You may have to wait a little while for it to translate)
7. Select all the new text and copy it into a Text Editor and save it as "gamename.cht"

That's it you now have a fully translated CHT file. Please note that sometimes not the whole file is translated. To try to fix this copy the translated part to an empty Text Editor and then copy the untranslated text and then open a new Google Translate tab and paste into the Translate box. Make sure "Translate From" is Chinese and then hit Translate. Copy the newly translated text into the Text Editor and save the whole list.
This may not always be able to translate the whole CHT file but hey, It's better than nothing.

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