transfer pokemon from my boy(andriod) to ds game

Discussion in 'Android' started by sam332, Aug 28, 2012.

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    i have a problam,i use gba emuletor for andriod and i just almost finished the game but i canr seem to import/convert the save file (.save) to vba or desmume
    i need help plz is there even a way to link ds game and gba game with emulator?
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    Uh, no. If you have a GBA flashkart or something that can play GBA games, you might be able to go in and get your .sav file and transfer it over to your flashkart. But to a cartridge? No.
  3. VladimirVlad

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    Aug 28, 2012
    Hi there, it is impossile to link up a trade between your android and gba cart, but it is possible to get your save file from your android to your gba cart. First off you would need a ds lite or original as is has the gba slot and you need a slot 1 flashcart like the r4 or something similar. Load rudolphs backup tool which is this.

    Basically this tool lets you take the sav file from your cartridge and it is able to save the sav file of your game to the micro sd card.
    1. First you open the gba backup tool on your flash card, and put your gba pokemon game in. Go to the menu of save backup. You press x or b i beleive and itbacks up your save to your micro sd card in a folder alled gba backup.
    2. Take our save file from your android game, and rename i to what the save file taken from your game was, and replace the file with your android one.
    3. Go back to the gba backup software, and go to the save file restore menu, and restore the save file called pokemon something or whatever. Make sure to select the save file thatyou wish to write back.
    4. voila, you are now finished with the gba backup and you should have your save file on your official cart.

    If this is still too confusing, here is a video tutorial i found on youtube of what to do. Very simple, and very efficient.