top screen is flickering when I press L

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    I've had my DS Lite mostly put away and not played for a while, only using it for some GBA games, mostly Wario Ware Twisted. I decided to drag it out yesterday for some DS play and when I turned it on, the top screem was all scrambled. Pressing down around the edges fixed it though. But I noticed when I press L, the screen flickers. Funny thing is, it only flickers when the top lid is folded all the way back past the first click. I can fold it forward and press L all I wnat and it won't do anything, but folded back past that click and it flickers.

    Is the ribbon cable lsightly loose, possibly from shaking the console so much to play WWT? Or is it a sign the top screen is going bad? I can't think anything happened to it while it was in the metal storage case, folded up and almost never moved.
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    The tape connector/ribbon is loose indeed, it happens to me too sometimes but I'm too lazy to open it up. It's not a huge issue, really.