Tomy's My Do It All Nearly Makes Your DS A PDA

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    I have a bomb alallalallala
    Tomy's My Do It All for the Nintendo DS further punctuates the possibilities of the handheld as a viable personal digital assistant, while staying on the safe side of the application versus toy line.

    The Nintendo DS needs a day planner application. There are plenty of homebrew options out there, but for those of us not willing to go that route there's only been Hello Kitty Daily so far, and I'm pretty sure I fall outside of the target demographic. Tomy's My Do It All, due out in February for the DS, brings the DS as PDA concept closer to fruition, though still tries to be a fun toy for kids, allowing them to chat and change voices while they play multiplayer mini-games wirelessly. It looks handy, but still not quite what I am looking for.

    I want a reason to buy a Nintendo DS for my mother. Or my stepfather. Personal Trainer: Cooking is a good start, but with the functionality of the DS we really need a good line of serious applications marketed towards adults. My Do It All shows us that the functionality is there. Let's take it a step further.

    Video of the game included with the source.

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    A dayplanner application may better be a DSiware application.
    I mean, how annoying would it be, if you would have to switch your cart every time you want to acces your agenda?
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    DSorganize was made, to function like a PDA. Looks like homebrew still aint that big on mainstream media. [​IMG]
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    haha im actually kinda interested

    except that part "finish your homework faster" was kinda ironic.
    if im playing DS before i do my homework..
    its not gonna help me finish faster...
    even if i can locate India on the map
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    I'm pretty sure that if we all played DS before homework, none of us are going to finish it... at least that's from my experience. Although... I don't get how on earth you'd need a DS to locate India... it's a fairly big and iconic place on the map.