three small problems, two loaders

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    Hi guys I've got three questions for you all that have been bugging me for ages. So I can't stand it anymore, I need answers! LOL

    1) In USBLoader GX i have a all black theme and I can't seem to get the text to be white in certain sections. I've got the settings text white by adding

    "msgid "r=0 g=0 b=0 a=255 - settings text color"
    msgstr "r=255 g=255 b=255 a=255"

    I'd also like to get the game info text (the description info when you press 2 on a game) and the gecko codes in white.

    So does anybody know what code I need to add for these? or could someone please point me in the direction of a complete list of codes for text colours and theming?

    2) in Wiiflow v2.2 r304 I can't seem to get Mortal Kombat Armageddon to work. I know what you're going to say, but I've gone into the game settings and changed the alt dol to mk7.dol but it always boots the main.dol regardless. I've checked the config file and it does say mk7.dol but it won't boot. I've tried through USBloader gx and it boots mk7.dol fine. Any ideas? am I missing something in the main settings (like alt dol on for global?)

    3) Wii Music won't boot with USBloader GX (2.1 latest rev - can't check the number yet). I've tried with wiiflow and cfg and it boots fine with CIOS 21. Anyone else noticed this?

    Thanks in advance
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    1. Sorry, I don't use usb loader gx because the code is still unstable.
    2. It should work fine in wiiflow, have you saved the setting properly?
    3. Like I said before, usb loader gx is still unstable, this could be the reason for this.
    I prefer cfg-loader, because it's updated very often and every game works fine, but wiiflow also should work fine...
  3. megatron_lives

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    Jul 6, 2006
    1) I'm tending towards wiiflow now for just this reason

    2) The settings are definately saved correctly, I checked the config file on my computer an it says mk7.dol but won't load it

    Thanks for the reply, I do appreciate it

    any other thoughts guys? Especially for mortal kombat on wiiflow

    Anyone else got mortal kombat to work with alt dol with wiiflow rev 304 running cios 249 rev 21?
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    My bad totally posted on the wrong page.
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    This thread is 5 years old and you didn't say what your issue was.