Three Questions: Best possible way to have CFW from cold boot AND...

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    1: I want to cold boot my 3DS XL with the emergency option of restoring
    (some bottom combination during the boot process)
    This way this backup storied on an SD card can restored

    2: Is it currently possible, or possible soon, to utilizes the storage space a game cartridge utilizes.
    What I mean by that is, given a person has TWO 128gb microSD cards, will it be possible to use something like a MT Card or Gateway Card along with a CFW in order to storage the maximum amount of games due to having TWO slots.

    3: Finally, is a CIA on the way which will allow the launching of DS games (as well as DSiware games & other such variants) without the need of destroying the MSET ROP entry point.

    Thanks for your time, any answers or hints or directions will be greatly appreciated as I do not use this forum much.

    1: Cold boot permanent CFW that is persistent & resistant to most if not all bricking
    2: Use flash card storage as well as SD card storage
    3: CIA which can launch DS/DSiware games without destroying the MSET entry point

    P.S - Yes I've read various convoluted, tedious, & basically ridiculous methods of some things mentioned above, I was hoping for a better way as I have no checked in awhile. I also noticed several "convoluted", & deliberately, & obnoxious guides that could be condensed into 75% less steps, all in the name of seeming more difficult/impressive than they really are.

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    1: I think A9LH and Luma achieve that already. You can use for that, it's the best guide there is.

    2: Umm... I don't actually know.

    3: I dunno what an MSET Entrypoint is, so I dunno, but I mean there's TWLoader and nds-bootstrap, which can only really load a small amount of DS roms atm. I don't think it runs DSiWare tho.

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    edit: Wait, are you using a Gateway? If so, I don't know much about it, so I dunno how useful or A9LH would be in that scenario, sorry.
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    1. As stated above, follow
    2. No.
    3. Nobody needs MSET (since like 2015 with the introduction of menuhax and now a9lh) so there would be no reason to work on it and I don't think it would be possible anyway.
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    Expanding on what's already been said:

    Easy. Install arm9loaderhax.

    It achieves everything you've demanded including the ability to restore a backup from your SD card.

    Follow the guide linked in the previous posts to go from stock to fully hacked with the latest & greatest features.

    Too "convoluted and deliberately obnoxious" for you? Then don't hack your 3DS, the guide is as long as it needs to be. We as a community strongly recommend you don't use any guide other than

    Sure. If you want to purchase a flashcart and additional microSDs to increase your ROM storage capacity, you totally can. I'd recommend Gateway over MT Card if you insist on purchasing a flashcart.

    You'll need to boot into Gateway Mode to access the ROMs on the flashcart though, they can't be loaded from a free CFW environment such as luma3DS.

    If you're going insist on using Gateway, I'd strongly recommend you set up an emuNAND. Do this before you begin following Once you've completed the a9lh setup, you can then get Gateway up and running.

    As @Quantumcat has said, the MSET entry point is no longer used.

    You can't run DS(i), DSiWare, or GBA games from Gateway Mode, and this isn't likely to change anytime soon, if ever.

    You can however load DS(i) cartridges from CFW environments such as luma3DS. If you want to run either DSiWare or GBA Virtual Console games from CFW, you will need to install them to both sysNAND and emuNAND.

    There is no way around this, if you insist on using Gateway you'll have to put up with these limitations.

    If you have any further questions let us know.
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