This year is burning with the passion of crossover content in gaming! (What do you think?)

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Sonic Angel Knight, Aug 25, 2018.

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    Lately I been thinking about something. Crossovers! Why you may ask, well for one thing it seem like something that has been a huge deal this year. Now I'm not saying it never was a huge deal but there been a lot of constant barrage of announcements related to this theme. There is so many and it's not just this year, but maybe this decade. It started minor but it really gotten popular recently. There is so many I don't know what to make of it. I'm sure that plenty of people are a fan of them.:bow:

    But what is a crossover? I don't know since the definition has been used so much I bearly can be sure myself. But I can least tell you how I define it. Your favorite character from one series is featured in another kinda like... every marvel cartoon I guess. Yes it is a crossover when you find Spider Man talking to Iron Man or the Hulk or Ghost Rider since they have their own series. But some may not say that, usually they think about completely different unrelated content merging together. Someone's true idea of a crossover would be Marvel Universe VS DC Universe since it's not just one company's property but another's as well.:unsure:

    But it doesn't stop there, it could also extend to stuff in real life too. Having two companies like your favorite video game developer working with another to make a game together and you get stuff that seem to merge one company's defining feature with another. For example like Hyurle warriors which plays like a Dynasty Warriors game starring Legend of Zelda story and characters, Dragonball Fighter Z that features all the anime appeal with the action packed gameplay of Arc System Works staple Guilty Gear series. Though sometimes is not really a collaboration since it can be mostly one sided where they someone like Inti Creates ask for a permission from Sunsoft to make a game with their assets, rather than Sunsoft actually participating in the project. As I said already, I can't give factual definition but I'll explain how I see it.:teach:

    My favorite is Blaster Master Zero for that is unique for me for a few reasons. It features the same gameplay that Sunsoft once made great with the series and was refined by Inti Creates who also made similar games before that seem to fit together almost perfectly. Sure it may seem like the same game as before but it wasn't a bad thing since most other attempts did not hold the same standard as the first one, not saying they was bad but not as well received for various reasonable reasons. So they modeled it after the most recognizable one, gave it a extended plot that seems very *ahem* "Anime" and made it just as fun to play if not better. It may be a clone since it looks the same, sounds the same (Even with the staple music people like more) and also easier but it was fun. :)

    To wrap this up, my point was this decade has had the theme of crossovers, but it's gotten more constant and until this year with the announcements that seem to target the fighting game genre has seen the most of it. I can go over a long list for just this year alone but that would be boring. I'm just curious if anyone else agrees or notices it too, I'm sure is not just me. There isn't a problem with it since people really like it. It's like fan service to us all, not only that but it helps expose more people to more things, exploration if you will kinda like compilation games.:ninja:

    So what do you have to say about that? Mind sharing your most loved announcements of crossover content in games this year? Or you plan on telling me that Smash Bros Ultimate is the only answer. I'm sure there is others right? :P
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    I actually haven't noticed any I'm interested in, actually: I remember better that Fire Emblem/MegaTen singing game from a couple of years ago... and of course the only reason I bought stole acquired a copy of Happy Home Designer was for Airou!