this has been a great week :D


Dec 2, 2007
so yesterday i finally got off my ass and decided to go to the licensing center and get my learner's permit (can get permit at 16 here and i'm almost 17 already :S) so i took the simple as all hell test and now i can drive as long as the person in the front seat has a valid license

so i was happy enough about that yesterday then i got an email from DX saying my order has finally shipped, only 7 days and i'll get:
12472 PSP Unbricker Pandora Battery for PSP 1000/2000 (1800mAh/3.6V) x 1 $6.32 -
16193 Genuine Kingston 8GB SDHC TF Memory Card (Class 4) x 1 $21.92 -
26437 iPlayer SDHC MicroSD/TF Multimedia Flash Cart for NDSi/NDS/DS Lite x 1 $35.91 -
29218 Full Replacement Housing Case with Buttons for Game Boy Color/GBC (Purple) x 1 $4.01 -

-now i can finally resume testing menudo (my sd was stolen several weeks ago)
-my gbc will look brand new, i'll be able to watch
-my rmvb dragonball/dragonball z collection (that seems to get butchered when converted) on my ds (whenever i try watch a vid on pc one of my bros will get annoyed and kick me off to play something); and
- i'll have a pandora ready for when i finally get the cash to buy a psp (just incase of brick)

so then today i was already quite happy but 10 mins ago i got a call that made me so damn happy i wanna jump up and down

i got a call from Dick Smith (aussie equivalent of radioshack) saying that i got the job and i have my first training day tommorow, so awesome, i'll get payed to sell electronics to people and discuss my opinion of which gadget is better

not only that but the pay isn't too bad either...

(copied from sheet they gave me)
payrate for 17 year old:
Partial day - $11.91AU per hour
full day - $11.43AU per hour
late night - $13.46AU per hour
saturday - $13.83AU per hour
sunday - $22.86AU per hour

PSP here i come!

i can drive, i got my first job and graduation is on 7th of december.
Little merc is growing up!

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