[THEORY] Xbox360 that has never seen an original game

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by DaRk_ViVi, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. DaRk_ViVi

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    I know this is probably luck (and actually I don't really care because I'm not interested in modding my console) but on an italian forum a discussion is starting about this thing.

    A user with a modded console used it without ever (EVER) inserting an original disk inside, so just backup copies (not even demo disk), and in 2 years he wasn't banned. This is a strange theory but is anyone in the same situation (never inserted an original disk) and got banned?

    Maybe the console store informations from the original and use them to know if a backup copy was used (even if different games)...
  2. War

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    Oct 26, 2007
    I've never used a legit game in my 360 EVER, had it for about a month or two and still haven't been banned. It all depends though. I'm connected to Live all the time, but I don't play on Live that much... so I don't know. Maybe the guy lasted 2 years because he was always logged off or something?
  3. Chanser

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    Obviously don't play games that haven't been officially released in your country.
  4. raulpica

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    Probably luck. Just having your firmware always updated and stealth-checking every game you put in your 360 should be enough for not getting banned [​IMG]

    Do you know if this guy ever played non-stealthed games on Live?
  5. MiloFoxburr

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    It doesn't matter. The checks would still discover a non stealthed disc. Obviously if he hasn't been banned then he hasn't used unstealthed discs or was just lucky enough to slip through Microsofts net.

    But only running backups wouldn't matter the checks will still return the same information.
  6. iNFiNiTY

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    Why? That doesn't even relate to the bans.
  7. ita54

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    Oct 23, 2008
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    I have started this Theory on the italian forum!Yes always the newest stealth firmware flashed before i updated to spring update or fall update and the discs are all stealth!This theory work not only on my xbox360 this work on many xbox360 in germany and it work with own backuped games but it work on
    downloaded to!I played always online with the backups!!

    this is only a theory not sure if anyone will test it it do this on own risk!!!
  8. Rock Raiyu

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    I've always been connected to LIVE whenever I'm playing my backups. I have like 10 in all with 4 originals and I haven't been banned yet.
  9. triassic911

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    I've been playing on live with backups for a year now. I have yet to be banned. Only reason I'm inactive as of late is due to rrod (for the 3rd time!!).