The Tomorrow Children

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    There's currently an Open beta (only for this weekend, June 3rd-6th 2016).

    The game is a online multi-player cooperative resource mining and town building with RPG elements (levels, exp, stats).
    Like warcraft, simcity, populous, etc. but online co-op and in 3D, and with some minecraft element to get your resources.

    The purpose is to make your town grow and have a lot of citizens, but your task is countered by giant beasts (like godzillas).

    (picture from sony)

    The start of the game was a little confusing.
    I ended in an already actively built town (hopefully!). Thanks to that, most structures, buildings and shops were available.
    Each town has around 25 online players at the same time. You can switch towns when you want (if there's a free slot).
    Some missions will make you switch towns if you accept them. completing missions grants you medals to level your character's stats.

    My thought about the game:
    It was a chaotic experience for few hours until I understood what I had to do and which order things needed to be played and created.

    What I find bad is that there's no way of communicating with other players, except with gestures.
    You can't tell or suggest to others what would be good to do, everyone has to decide the best action for the community and work together to the same goal : save the town and mining resources.

    The game is visually nice, using a "old 1960's communism" theme.

    Any other users beta-testing this game?

    I played up to the point where the town I worked for had reached his building size limit, and other players was still forcing their way into creating new useless buildings instead of focusing in improving the town size.
    I tried to look for information about the building efficiency, but in the game there's not enough data to gather. You have to learn by experience, order comes from chaos.
    There are two different building type to grow the population (single house, and buildings). building cost more resources, but I think it can host more people for less "town's point" cost, allowing more citizens with less built structures.
    You can destroy old building manually, but only town's registered players can do it. as there's no way of telling them to do things other than "Hello", it's hard to act efficiently :(

    The game is a nice coop experience in mining games genre.
    It's fun to play, but maybe it will be too repetitive to complete a town and start over to a new one.
    The 3 days open beta is maybe enough, even if the town goal is not reached in this short time.

    I'll still play it today, I want to help my town (Arzlina) to grow and get a good ranking in the global rank board.
    You can compare towns and players. I ended 5th (over thousands for players) in the global rank the first day :D

    The town will probably be different when I'll play it again (a night sleep and the city is destroyed by the giant beast, players build new things, new players coming, etc.)

    There are trolls even on games. Some people are just wasting resources for fun by creating unnecessary items. why can't we have nice things online?
    I'd better go back to my usual offline games.
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    WHOA i thought this game died like 2yrs ago, sounds addicting, hopefully it has free online LOL

    and i love the gestures stuff, hilarity/complete loss of sanity always ensue
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    This game is now free to play.
    there were a founder pack (which is not free) for 2 months providing a base for the game launch, now everybody can join and play for free.

    I tried the free version, and I noticed a big difference with the beta : I don't have citizenship (unless you bought the founder pack, or buy the new frontier pack) and it's restricting the player A LOT.
    you can't build a lot of buildings or city elements unless you are a citizen of the town you joined.
    I don't know how to unlock it yet, or if you need to buy it with real money.
    it probably unlocks after you work a lot for that town, but I don't know how much is required. (1 billion ticket was written in the game, but that's very exaggerated, it would take years to reach that)

    I started in a new city this time, and it's very hard to make it big while you can't build what it needs. you depend on other players, which are not always doing what you expect.
    getting resources is a lot harder now (unless you pay with real money to unlock better tools) but you can play without paying anything, it's just taking more time. You can always count on other player's ability to do what you can't.

    Maybe I should migrate to a better town, but I like seeing it be build from the start.

    in fact, being a non-citizen is making the game a lot harder to understand what's your role in here and to know what you have to do.
    You can't do much except mine and get resources for the community.