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    The Last Promise... where to get started...

    The Last Promise is an elaborate hack of Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword, casually referred to as just "Fire Emblem" in North America. The game hacks pretty much every concept that you could possibly think of--characters, classes, weapons, animations, graphics, maps, music, text, script, etc., you get the point. While this is no longer a big deal, about four years ago, when I started, it was quite a big deal, which I why I mention it the way I do.


    [​IMG] Part 1 (7/02/09)
    [​IMG] Part 2 [Release 1] (1/17/10)
    [​IMG] Part 2 [Release 2] (12/13/10)
    [​IMG] Part 2 [Final] (08/17/12)
    [​IMG] Post-Game [Beta 1] (03/30/13)
    [​IMG] Post-Game (06/10/13)

    To start, I am Blazer, originally known as Fire Blazer, and also known as Keriku and Luffy (because I am a huge One Piece fan)... here's a quick biography about me--

    - Webmaster/Administrator of the Fire Emblem Shrine
    - Creator of many hacks and projects, such as Prince of Durand, The Last Promise (formerly known as Tactics Universe), Fire Emblem: Shining Armor, Fire Emblem: Prisoner of Darkness, Fire Emblem: Rebirth, Fire Emblem: Sacred Contention, Fire Emblem: One-Day Hack, Auto Emblem, and many others. I also started the Fire Emblem 12 Translation Project, which is now a team project done by the Heroes of Shadow.
    - I was born in 1994 and thus am 18 years old at the time of the final release of this hack, the year 2012. I finished high school and am going to university. I enjoy playing sports such as basketball, frisbee, and track, as well as playing video games, hanging out with friends, and eating (although for the record, I am pretty skinny).

    The Last Promise was, for the longest time, called "Tactics Universe" (as in, a world revolving around tactics and strategy), and before that was originally just called the "Fire Emblem Universe Game". It started off as a forum hack for the Fire Emblem Universe forums where members created profiles for characters and the forum attempted to work together to create the game.

    Somehow I got involved in the mix and took on the leadership of the hacking. Soon enough just like every other forum hack, the forum hack was on the brink of death--most people considered it dead. At some point I took over and announced that I would be saving the hack, as little to no progress was being made and the people were uninvolved with the project, minus a few exceptions. Slowly but surely, with new authority and a mindset that I would complete the hack, I started making progress, and as I had already been involved in the Fire Emblem hacking business for a long time and I set high expectations for this hack, i.e. for it to not be a reskin (simply put, a hack that does not change the events), which was unheard of. Even now, I don't think a full-length game non-reskin hack has been completed.

    I made a 4 chapter demo release a long time ago--well actually 5 chapters, from the Prologue of the game to Chapter 4. Eventually, I released the game up to Chapter 10, the final chapter of part 1 of the game, which focuses on Siegfried as the main character, albeit there are arguably 3 main characters in total. I made many fixes, updates, additions, etc.

    I think that's enough background info for now. I've generally kept The Last Promise updated through the blog and youtube. I later posted it on the Fire Emblem Shrine, my own website, and as of the chapter 15 release I decided to post it on more forums.

    Only late in the game's production did I decide to rename the game from "Tactics Universe" to "The Last Promise". I set up a public poll asking what was the best name for a new hack, after much debate on my end to limit the options. Only much later did I reveal that the new name was for this hack, and not for a new hack. It's called "The Last Promise" due to some--quite obviously--promises made by the characters, amongst other reasons, albeit that is only one of many plot aspects of the game. Play the game yourself and it should all make sense.



    A millennium ago, on the continent of Blaine, humans and dragons fought. Humans, unable to match the power of the dragons, gathered together and saved themselves from the brink of extinction by relocating to Solum.

    On this new continent, the people were divided--and over time, each territory formed its own way of life, choosing how its people would live and what ideals they would carry.

    However, this all changes when Magnus, an empire with the greatest military on the continent, begins to invade the other territories. Though their campaign is time-consuming, they are successful in every way imaginable, quickly dominating Alicia to the north and Atheya to the east.

    But across the continent, there are people ready to fight back to their dying breath. One of them is Siegfried, a former Knight Commander who has been in hiding ever since an injury he received from ten years ago. With his pain serving as a reminder of the vow he made that fated day, he and his son, Shon, take up arms to gather allies and do whatever it takes to stop Magnus from dominating the continent.

    ...Because some promises, are just worth dying for.




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    The Last Promise [Download]


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    Everything you need to know about playing the hack will be inside the downloads. Feel free to subscribe to my youtube account or the blog for the latest videos and information!

    I hope you guys play my hack and enjoy doing so! I (and many others) put lots of work into this--I myself put in thousands of hours over the span of about four years into this hack, so I hope it's good! And do tell if there are any bugs, glitches, etc., because I may very well not know about it!


    ~ Blazer
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    One word.... oh wait. I don't need words. This is enough: :)
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    Heheh, I hope you enjoy!

    (Also, thanks to the ninja mod who moved the thread and whatnot)
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    I've been following this for more than a couple years now; very good to see that a more or less complete version's finally been released. I'll probably download and give it a shot sometime in the next week or so.

    Anyways, I'm going to go off on a bit of a tangent here: I was browsing FEShrine's hack/patches section and noticed that somehow I'd been credited as the author of GhebFE and GhebSaga. The proper author is Aitos/FurryYunSeong (I don't know which he prefers); I didn't do much other than create the thread that the patches page links to.
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    I've been playing this patched rom on the DStwo GBA emulator, and it works just fine. :yaynds:
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    ^It should~

    ^^oh I thought he changed his username to that I didn't think it was two different people. my bad

    Also I came here to say that version 1.2 is out
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    thank you sir for this great hack.^^
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    You're welcome, JomarGonzaga.
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    Thanks man just started playing, appreciate it so much!
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    oh looks interesting!
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    I love this hack. I played it like crazy 5-6 months ago