1. Missingphy

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    Oct 7, 2018
    I have seen several videos in which people use the shield tv as a console, streaming from an extremely high end pc (with an nvidia tesla p40, which costs around $7000 on amazon). But i have a copule of questions about this little device:

    1. Do i have to pay to use the geforce now service for free games like fortnite?

    2. If i already have a netflix subscription, do i have to pay a separate fee to use it?

    3. What is the recommended internet speed to do 1080p/60fps? (i currently have a 20mb connection and with ethernet, it is super fast)

    4. Does the console have full support for third party controllers (rumble and other stuff) like the ps4/xbox one? I want to know because the nvidia controller costs $60 extra)

    5. Is this little box still wprth it in 2019, or is a newer model coming soon?
  2. DSAndi

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    Jul 18, 2008
    I got the very 1st one ( 16GB) i think its around 4 years old now.

    1. Geforce now service is free 1st month, after it costs money. Streaming from PC should be free, however i never used that.
    2. There is the netflix app installed. You enter your account data and you are ready to go. Cost nothing extra.
    Actually the shield supports 4K and a lot surround audio stuff. If you have a good surround system the shield will support most of em if not all.

    3. Dont know i got a DSL line with around 5-6MB /s that works fine. I guess for games you will need a low ping.

    4. It supports other Joypads with Bluetooth or USB Connection, however not all BT remotes. I guess you better ask that to users in the Nvidia forum, because i did not test much.
    My unit has a IR receiver so i use my 6in1 remote or my Smartphone ( with anymote app ) quite some time too. The 1st gen joypad is wifi based and so the battery gets drained faster.

    5. Dont know, the actual version is basicly the same hardware like the 1st gen. Only the Unit without HDD is smaller and has less stuff compared to the 1st gen.

    Emulation on the shield is pretty good too. Played some N64, dreamcast and PS1 Games on it for testing.
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  3. KiiWii

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    Nov 17, 2008
    United Kingdom
    Emulation is amazing on Shield TV; I regularly use mine for PPSSPP, Reicast, Dolphin and Yabasanshiro.

    I have the second-gen 16gb with a 500gb HDD attached. Oh and with a dolphin bar plugged in, you can use wii remotes for gun games too :)
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  4. replicashooter

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    Jun 16, 2006
    @KiiWii could you try out Grandia II on Reicast and tell me if it emulates well please?
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