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Discussion in 'NDS - Console and Game Discussions' started by Rayder, Aug 25, 2009.

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    I have a few questions about Flipnote and how it works:

    How long can a vid be? Are there a limited amount of frames or a certain amount of time for the vid? How is that limit determined?
    Can you control the speed of individual frames, or can you only set the speed for the overall vid speed, or is the framespeed locked at a certain constant?
    Can you pan a drawing you already made left/right and save it as the next frame, to create scrolling effects, or must you redraw each frame of a scrolling background?
    Are there any effects/filters/shaders you can set to the vid for visual enhancement?

    Basically, I'm wondering how close it is to something like JASC's Animation Studio 3 for gifs on the PC. Because that's what I really see Flipnote as being......kinda like gifs with sound. I do understand it would be a very watered-down version compared to any PC app, but anyone who's messed with Animation Shop for PC (or similar app) would know what I'm talking about in regards to my questions.
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    You can control how fast the file is played not individually. But that can be bypassed if u just copy and paste the slide u want to be played longer over and over. You can drag a drawing u have already done to make it look like its moving but it moves the entire layer and there are 2 layers to work with. If you want the background to repeat, do the copy and paste option. I do not believe that there are any effects except but there are brushes. There are sounds but you add it in urself.
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