Tales of Vesperia PS3 Making a Voyage to the US

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    Damnit hurry up already!

    hmm what am i complaining about? XD i got an xbox recently so i could get it for that
    although i'd still prefer it for PS3 because of the extra content
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    Meh, getting the PS3 version over the 360 version has little to no extra worth. Just an extra character and more sucky voice-acting, according to some. However, I think the voice-acting was pretty good.
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    Lol, what a clueless statement.

    The PlayStation 3 version of the game features full voice acting which is almost double the size of the script in the original 360 version. The game also features various new characters such as Flynn as a fully customizable, permanent playable character as well as Patty Fleur, a young girl with blond hair, who is an entirely new playable character. The game also features several unplayable characters from Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike which the game ties-in with.[8] In addition, Repede, Flynn and Patty are selectable as on-screen avatars with new mini-games such as a racing mini-game for Repede, new subplots, skits and main game quests as well as side quests. The game also has new songs added to the game's soundtrack together with remodeled towns and new towns and dungeons. The game also includes new bosses such as the Sword Dancer from previous Tales games, Don Whitehorse and Clint/Tison/Nan, players are also able to replay boss fights at Nam Cobanda Isle.

    In addition there are also new gameplay elements such as higher Overlimit Levels up to 8, more Mystic Artes including a dual Mystic Arte with Yuri and Flynn, new Artes, skills and equipments for characters. A new key item has also been added called the "Artes Ball" which allows an additional 8 Artes Shorcuts to be assigned to the previous 8 slots combined with the L1 button, which allows for a maximum of 16 Artes. The game also features a wide variety of new character costumes which include cameo costumes based on characters from previous Tales games, as well as costumes based on characters from other series, such as Xenosaga and Sgt. Frog.[15][16] Also included is a scene-skip feature, a Team Arena in the Coliseum which also has new battles and modes together with Pre-Order Bonuses which are Tales of the Abyss character costumes. The game also features connectivity with the Tales spin-off, Tales of VS. for the PlayStation Portable.

    Basically, the 360 users got the beta version of this game.

    Also, I doubt it's coming over here. Bamco, bringing over Tales games to North America? That's as likely as seeing pigs fly. It's also weird, because I asked the same question to Troy at Sakura Con, and he said they stopped recording scripts at around halfway, and was unsure if they were going to continue. I even imported my copy ;_;