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    PSP to get Tales Of Destiny Full Voice Edition.
    DS to get Cheegle Fushigi no Dungeon.
    ToTs real name is Tales Of Bataille.

    For ToD: FVE it will be using Eternias battle system since it will be a port of the PSX version not the PS2 version (maybe because it was to fast for the PSP?) new sprites and everything from the original will return but be voiced. So I guess that means no Barbatos and stuff. Set to be released this summer.

    Cheegle Fushigi no Dungeon is a DS game based around the Cheegles from Abyss. Its one of those mystery dungeon games I guess and you use different cheegles to finish puzzles and stuff. The poster mentions that other animals from the series join with the Cheegles (he said Zappie is seen in one picture.) set to be released around May.

    Tales Of Bataille is the Wii game we seen before. The main heroes name is ?? (so it's either Zone or Zona I guess. Gonna go with Zona.) hes a 19 year old hitman who gets sent on a big mission to kill a very well know gang member named ????? (Mach?) and in the process ends up kidnapping his daughter named ???? (Meg?..Megan? I have no clue.) anyway he steals her because apparently her dad was nearly gonna kill him so he took her and ran. From here on out he wanders around trying to find another way to kill Mach. The big draw point to the game is that Zone can talk to random people in towns and enter battles with them for money and stuff I guess that ties in with the name since Bataille is french for Battle. Sakuraba is doing the soundtrack and the artists is apparently Atsuro Yomino who did the Code Geass manga (lol). The games release date is TBA.

    Hopefully we get scans in a few hours these seem pretty true considering how Namco works.

    News Source: Namco Bandai Tales Forum
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    Hmm very interesting hope this tales of destiny turns out well. As I am a Tales fan and I recently purchased a new PSP.
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    I wonder if ToD is going to be the PS2 remake version. If so, hopefully it comes stateside. I didn't really give the original a chance because I got bored some time around one of the boat ride sequences.
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    Wonder which Tales of Destiny they will port to PSP.

    Tales of Destiny (PS1)
    Tales of Destiny (PS2 Remake)
    Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut (PS2 Remake of the PS2 Remake)

    They keep adding stuff, LOL.

    I just wish they'd bring the rest of the series over to America. We're still missing Destiny 2, Rebirth, Tempest, Innocence, Hearts, and 5 Tales of the World entries.
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    this series is wonderful but a lot of them on the ds need translation (official)