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    Alright so I've changed my thought process for portable gaming. After doing a bit of research the idea of buying a tablet and inserting it into a controller seems like a good alternative. However I'm curious if the various key emulators (like PPSSPP, Mupenplus, and epsxe) would be capable of syncing with controllers like this:

    If so then I'm very interested in good controller recommendations to attach to a tablet. Also am I correct in assuming that a reasonably priced tablet released within the past year would be significantly more powerful than a Portable Shield?
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    Emulators all support gamepads just fine, many games support them too and for the ones that don't you have touch emulation software (that does require root though)
    I have a MOGA Pocket (their first model I think?) and it works pretty well, but the lack of a D-Pad and it using analog nubs instead of proper sticks kind of sucks. The one you linked looks much better.
    Alternatively, you could get the 8bitdo NES30 Pro/FC30 Pro, with the Xtander addon that you can clip your phone to.
    I have a NES30 Pro and it's a pretty good gamepad.
    There should be one coming out for the new SNES30 Pro/SFC30 Pro as well.
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    Nothing is powerful than Switch and Shield K1.
    Newest Mali GPU can compete (T-880T) but it can't win.
    Get a 8BitDo controller instead, they look nice and work nicely.
    Moga or Pega controllers are known for shitty battery life, and good luck trying to find 10" screen to gamepad docker
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    Erm...I would say this depends on what you mean with "reasonably priced" and "significantly". :unsure:

    The portable shield had a first generation tegra 4, 1.9 GHz quad core CPU, 2GB RAM and 16 GB flash memory. Gaming tablets now have better specs than that, but this is counterbalanced a bit by their higher screen size/resolution (the shield had only a 5 inch screen at 1280x720). So at the same price point you get better hardware (probably even 'significant'), but is 299$ something you would call reasonably priced?