System transfer with downgrade to 9.2.0-20?

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    I currently have a New3DS at 10.2.0-27U and an Old3DS at 9.2.0-20U. The N3DS is essentially right out of the box and I'd like to transfer all my saves (mostly Mii Plaza and other Streetpass data) from my O3DS to my N3DS.

    If I set up Homebrew Launcher on the N3DS and downgrade to 9.2.0-20U, would I be able to do a system transfer and move the saves and data from the O3DS?

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can move the saves with JKSM, but for a full system transfer you need both consoles to be at the latest firmware. I would recommend installing a9lh on the new 3DS and either updating the old 3DS (if you don't plan to use it anymore or sell it) or just creating an emuNAND and using Luma, and updating the emuNAND to transfer to the N3DS once it's a9lh is done (this will keep it hackable for later). Guide here:
    For the N3DS go right to the end, or the O3DS you can stop once you have an emuNAND and it's updated and you can boot into it from the homebrew launcher (if you're not going to continue using it, no point worrying about menuhax)
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    Don't do movable.sed & data folder manual transfer.
    Use official System Transfer instead.
    Otherwise your target 3DS will be unable to access the e-shop.
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