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    Hi everyone

    i'm have 3 3ds consoles:
    1 3ds XL on 9.4
    1 3ds on 9.0
    1 3ds on 4.5

    the 4.5 one are ambassador, my question is:

    Whats gonna happen, if i do a system transfer to my XL?
    i mean, the XL will gonna be formated, and i'll lose everything INCLUING my fantasy life save
    4.5 one will formated as well, but he will stay in 4.5?

    please help =(
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    In order to do a system transfer, both 3DS systems need to be at the highest current firmware.
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    A system transfer will transfer everything from 3DS A to 3DS B, and format 3DS A. 3DS B will not be formatted. HOWEVER "You cannot perform a system transfer if the target system has a Nintendo Network ID linked. You must format the target system to remove the Nintendo Network ID link prior to transferring content." taken from
    Certain things will be overwritten on the 3DS you are transferring to, however none are of much importance. Everything important like eShop purchases, funds, savegames and so on will be merged. If the same savegame exists on both 3DSes I believe it will keep the one from the system you are transferring from and overwrite the other one.