1. Katie Tamouzian

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    Sep 17, 2015
    United States
    I recently bought the Pokemon New 3DS and like all the others, it comes preloaded with Pokemon Blue and Red. I have another New 3DS XL that i plan to sell or giveaway to my brother, but it has my NNID on it. I would like to system transfer from the first N3DSXL to the N3DS just to keep my NNID with all of my legit purchases. I already set up Gateway Emunand on both systems and i found this guide
    The only problem is that I haven't found any answer to keeping the preinstalled games. I want those games to be linked to my NNID so that I can redownload it later in the future if i ever delete it and would want to get it back. I know that I can just download CIA's of it from that other site but since the games came with the system, i want it linked to my NNID. So for my noobish questions:
    1. So if i system transfer from the N3DSXL's emunand to the N3DS, would the games be deleted or would it still be on the system?
    2. If it isn't deleted, would the games then be linked to my NNID?
  2. Quantumcat

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    Nov 23, 2014
    You will keep the games as long as you don't set up an NNID on the Pokémon console. If you set up an NNID you'll be forced to format it before the transfer which will wipe the games. Another way to think about it is the gashes belong to the console at the moment but when you associate an NNID the games will now belong to the NNID. You can't have two NNIDs on the one console so you'll be forced to disassociate the NNID by formatting and the games will go along with it.
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