Sysnand original nintendo 3ds xl to new nintendo 3ds question

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    I don't know if this was ever asked or thought of but i was just curious, would it be possible to make a backup of a 9.2 sysnand for the original nintendo 3ds xl, do a system transfer of everything you have on the original nintendo 3ds xl to the new nintendo 3ds xl, then downgrade the 9.2 original nintendo 3ds xl to 4.x firmware, then use the nand dump to upgrade back to 9.2 on the 3ds xl so you can have your nintendo id profile and all your games/eshop games on both systems?
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    If you have a NAND hardmod, you can dump the NAND at 9.2 --> Upgrade to 9.5 --> Do system transfer --> restore 9.2 NAND --> downgrade to 4.x. I would leave it at 9.2 for Ninjhax, the web browser pokemon injection stuff, and Gateway still works. also, classic mode will use 7.x keys so you can play physical games on both the new 3DS XL and original XL without having to deal with the 7.x save encryption problems.
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