1. MajinChibi

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    Apr 25, 2007
    Hello Everyone!

    The SX Core is on the way to me and i have a few questions.
    It seems like most of the FAQs information in the forum is mainly about SX pro.

    Would be nice if somebody could answer them upload_2020-7-5_9-12-30.gif :)

    I dont know the details but after a company installs my SX Core i

    -make a nand backup
    -create an emunand

    I will use a Clean Sysnand for online gaming with original games (if i ever like to do that...)
    I will also use the clean sysnand for local LAN Multiplayer with original games
    And i will use emunand for homebrew and everything else, offline only

    My Questions:
    Do i need a micro sd card for clean sysnand and another one for emunand or can i use one for both?
    Is local lan multiplayer possible with emunand? Or is that as risky als playing online with backuped games?

    Is there anything i else i have to consider/must do´s?

    Thank you in advance

    (EDIT: Noob, not noon questions... what a start -.- )
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  2. abk14459

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    Aug 1, 2016
    United States
    You can use 2 cards to be safer. That’s what I do. For the card that you want to use online, you need to have the boot.dat file on the root to be able to get to the sx menu. From there you have 2 options. You can click boot ofw in the middle of the screen or click options and Tools and there should be an option that says something like boot legit. For that option, it will burn fuses like original boot so it’s as close as you can get to booting legit stock firmware without traces of mods

    you can also just use 1 card for both ofw and cfw emunand but there’s speculation that Nintendo might be able to see what’s on your sd card and detect mods so people say 2 cards is better.
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