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    Aug 15, 2019
    United Kingdom
    So maybe this question has been asked already but i didnt find it when i searched the threads. New Switch owner so dont know exactly how all this works.
    So im thinking of buying a Switch Lite to have as my portable console, but i will of course want to be able to use my save files from my original Switch console on the Switch Lite. I´m playing mostly physical games and i will use the same Nintendo account on both consoles.

    If i have my game saves on the cloud can i then use them on my second console as well as on the original console, or are the save files console specific?
    I want to be able to continue playing in the game from the latest save point on both consoles.

    So can i use the save files on both consoles if i have the save files saved on the cloud? And if yes....do i need an internet connection every time i want to access the cloud save files, or do they get downloaded to the second console as well?
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