Supercard slot-2 client software v2.61 released

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    Supercard slot-2 client software v2.61 released

    Out now!

    The Supercard team have released version 2.61 of their PC side client software for their slot-2 range of Supercard devices. Take a look at the change log below to see what's new, and download the appropriate version from our Download Centre via the links below.[title:Supercard client 2.61 change log] Update(2007.08.06): SLOT 2 SuperCard Convert software v2.61 released

    # SLOT 2 SuperCard include: SuperCard CF, SuperCard SD/MiniSD, SuperCard Lite and SuperCard Rumble Series.

    # 1. Fixed some games can not use cheat code problem.

    # 2. The NDS games .sav file size to 512K (Support upto 4M bits saver)

    # 3. 1110, 1158, 1183, 1214, 1240, 1256, 1260 ROMS which can not use cheat code before, work now.

    [​IMG] Download SC Client 2.61 - SD version

    [​IMG] Download SC Client 2.61 - CF version

    [​IMG] Download SC Client 2.61 - Micro SD/Lite version

    [​IMG] Download SC Client 2.61 - All Rumble version
    [​IMG] Home page

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    That's what I call customer support! How long has the SC SD been out now?
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    Yeah, excellent. If only it played GBA games better. I've had my SCSD since summer '05. but i have an R4 now, no point in using the supercard.
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    Agree, they could at least try to make some of the last remnant GBA games work. Postman Pat comes to mind..... [​IMG]