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    Hello everyone. This thread for the translation of the vita game Super heroine chronicle.
    this is my first time doing any of these stuff.

    Anyway the current patch(v0.01) have translate all this:
    the first scenario(translation by Kanzaki-ryu)
    the basic tutorial(except the W impact tutorial)
    most character name and title(missing dlc character)
    40%(approx) of the character skill
    30-40(approx) of the character soul skill
    all item name and effect
    all equipment name and effect

    Now this is the first partial patch there will be typo,grammar mistake and maybe bug. This first partial patch is for people to sneak peek and see how the game will look in English.
    Now this is important i'm looking for some one who willing to help translate the scenario and someone who can extract the game image.

    You can report bug or typo on the Discord channel #shc_bug_hunt channel.
    discord link

    Thing that are NOT translate is this patch:
    (unless someone help me extracting the game image)
    Menu(since the menu text is lock on the image)
    Status parameter(same deal with the menu)
    choice box(maybe the same deal as the menu)
    free talk(except for tsubasa first free talk)
    scenario beyond chapter 1
    battle text

    Anyway here is the patch (bug fix)

    Put this CPK file in your super heroine chronicle folder overwrite the file if prompt.
    This patch will work on any of your old save(it should), but if you want the main character and heroine name to be in english you have to start a new game.

    You can give me feedback on this patch either in this thread or the discord channel.

    Translator: Kanzaki-Ryu for the scenario,Azurekaito15 for everything else
    special thanks to: JeyEmill for helping during the start and for the parameter picture.
    akurasu wiki for the info and mechanic
    ShinRaikdou for the help and where the text file located

    parameter picture
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    some screen shot will update later
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