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    Sep 11, 2010
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    Source: click here :)
    This Guide is redone to be more easily read.​
    The original had left me with questions at times but these​
    are the steps and everything I went through to convert DEX2CEX w/o original flash.​
    Necessary downloads can be found on source page albeit c2d_GUI can be found here
    Guide: How to create a valid CEX dump from DEX
    1. Install all homebrew 1st (HombrewPackage) (MultiMan)
      • eEID Root Key Dumper.pkg
      • memdump_0.01-FINAL.npdrm
      • reboot.pkg
      • multiman4.10cex.pkg
      • QA Flag (Not the one REBUG offers)
    2. Install CFW 3.55 w/Retail Patched CoreOS
      • The PS3 should reboot as normal like when installing any other FW
    3. Now run eEID Root Key Dumper.pkg
      • The TV screen goes black & the PS3 sounds off 2 rapid beeps while rebooting
      • Load MultiMan and press SELECT+START to access MM File Explorer
      • Copy the eEID Root Key by selecting PS3 Root in the top left corner of MultiMan and going into folder tmp/ (full address is dev_hdd0/tmp/) press O and copy the file to your USB device; now hold the PS button on your controller & exit MultiMan
    4. Plug-in USB device in right most or 2nd USB Port closest to bluray drive and run Memdump
      • Press X to create a dump of flash memory
      • Hold the PS button on controller & quit app
      • The flash is dumped with the file name flash_stor_35500.bin on root of usb device
    5. You should have c2d_GUI if not grab it from up top & unzip it on to your desktop & from your USB device copy over flash_stor_35500.bin & eEID Root Key into folder c2d_GUI.
    6. Install OpenSSL-lite into C: drive and rename the folder to OpenSSL
      • You can rename this folder during installation or after doesnt matter but it needs to be done in order to run c2d_GUI.exe
    7. Now run c2d_GUI.exe
      • Choose the flash_stor_35500.bin for input
      • Choose your output destination & rename it properly:
        • If 16 MB dump rename it in FLASH-CEX.EID0.NORBIN
        • If 239/256 MB dump rename it in FLASH-CEX.EID0.NANDBIN
      • Choose your eEID Root Key
      • Choose your Target ID so hit the arrow to display a drop down box I'm US/Canada so I picked 84 (all guides are very unclear about this)
      • Click Covert - I saw a bunch of errors but everything went fine on my end so ignore them.
    Guide: Converting from DEX to CEX CFW
    1. If you have not installed the CFW 3.55 w/Retail Patched CoreOS do so now; if you have installed it from the previous guide then do not re-install!
    2. From your PC copy FLASH-CEX.EID0.NORBIN or FLASH-CEX.EID0.NANDBIN over to the root of your USB device & then plug-in to your PS3
    3. Now run MultiMan and from your USB device click X twice on your FLASH-CEX.EID0*
      • Choose Yes for all options
      • Ignore the warning about needing to reset your console!
      • Hold the PS button on controller and exit MultiMan
    4. Now run Reboot.pkg
      • PS3 should reboot as normal - nothing special going on here ;)
    5. Now run QA Flag (this is not the same one that rebug offeres)
      • PS3 should sound off 3 rapid beeps while rebooting
        • This is the tricky part cause if your PS3 doesn't beep then you may brick on the next step :( If it does not beep after 2 minutes then pull the power cord and plug it back it and power up the PS3 and try QA Flagging again.
    6. Power off the PS3 from the console not the controller.
    7. Copy OFW3.55 over to USB device
    8. Enter Recovery Mode on your PS3
      • To enter Recovery Mode hold the PS power bottom on the console untill it turns on and then off, then press the power button again untill you hear 2 consecutive beeps and then release.
    9. Choose Option 6 to update PS3 FW and plug-in USB device with OFW3.55
      • Do not fret if when 1st installing OFW3.55 from the Recovery Menu if the Progress bar sits at 99% it stayed there for what felt like 10mins just grab you a cup of coffee it will finish and you will be able to start the final process of installing OFW 3.55
    This is my 1st tut guys I hope you all like it; I also tried to make it as easy to read/understand as possible considering some parts in the source guide were unclear or left questions where one might need to guess if they lacked the full knowledge of understanding.

    Any questions just ask :)
    Did you write this guide? Yes & no I rewrote this guide for easier and more simplistic understanding as it directly states what will happen & what you need to do w/o having to apply any guess work. Source is at top of thread btw.

    Does this method require me to format my PS3 HDD causing me to lose all my data? No

    Why do I need to go over to source site to get all my files? Because I'm not sure if GBAtemp allows linking CFW etc. also the files are password protected so you are required to read at least the 1st paragraph on source page.

    Is your guide any better? To me yes, to other maybe not but this is everything I did in exact order so as I did something I typed it out along with what is to be expected talking out a lot of the guess work for you. It's still a matter of opinion.
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